Grok uses machine intelligence to sense and proactively respond to potential IT incidents, enabling you to build self-healing cloud systems.

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The most accurate anomaly detection platform on the market that gets smarter with use.

Grok enables self-healing mechanisms into any cloud system. Using intelligence senses, integrations and continuous learning, Grok provides an intelligence layer across your application stack.

Anomaly Detection Benchmark Ranking
Unsupported, Open Source Alternatives
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Try Grok anomaly detection in an interactive experience

Internet of Things


IT Operations

Learn how Grok analyzes patterns in data to provide insights beyond human intuition, saving your company time and operating expense (OpEx).

Run a self-healing cloud with tools you trust

Businesses can leverage integrations to popular cloud ops platforms, making it easier than ever to gain intelligent insights on issues your team would miss.

Built upon Numenta's novel HTM technology,
Grok is one of the most impressive AI products available.

Mark Gribbs, NetworkWorld