We transform businesses with predictive technologies.

Are you ready for the predictive revolution?

Machine intelligence technoligies are ushering the next wave of innovation in every industry, but few businesses are prepared to pivot their operations to take advantage of AI capabilities. Our consulting practice, AVIK Partners, will work with your company in the following areas:

IT Service Operations

With the volume, variety, and velocity of data generated by IT systems, operations staff have struggled to diagnose and resolve problems quickly, much less automate the same workflows. AVIK enables systems to move through incidents with speed, letting you focus on building innovative experiences.

Big Data

With 40% projected growth in global data per year, existing technology and processes have struggled to keep up. AVIK works with our clients to formulate a strategy that keeps pace, design an architecture that delivers, and deploy solutions that exceed all expectations.

Advanced Analytics

While many of the technical hurdles of Big Data infrastructure have been addressed and remedied by early adopters, the bigger challenges lie in fully leveraging the data through advanced analytics. AVIK enables businsses to forecast future outcomes with data, enabling them to stay ahead admist increasing competition.

"To be clear-Casey has been and will always be someone who I can and will always trust, go to when I have the need for a best practices services solution, and someone who I will always depend on to deliver a total, industry standard solution."

William Cannon, CEO, Monolith Software

"Casey's engagement with my company was exceptional. It is rare to find a mix of a broad talent pool, along with personalized customer focus."

Kurt Johnson, Sr. Director Applications & Analytics, US Cellular

We would love to learn more about how we can help your business thrive in this AI-first world.

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