Instantly analyze data from a spreadsheet file

First, upload a spreadsheet file or choose one below:

Taxi Cab Dropoffs
Number of taxi rides completed every thirty minutes.
CPU Utilization
Percentage of CPU Utilized every second from an EC2 server.
Temperature Readout
Temperature readings from a sensor on a machine.
Home Energy Usage
Number of kilowatt hours (kWs) used in a residence in a month.

Your data is ready for analysis:

This is a representation of the raw data you selected or provided to us. We will analyze this data for anomalous events and show the results after the process is complete:

Analyze Data


What is this tool?

The Grok Sandbox provides anomaly insights within any time-series based data table (such as a .csv). This tool provides a simple, fast way for you to uncover latent behaviors exhibited within a datastream.

How much does it cost?

Grok will analyze one table of data for free with a valid e-mail address.

What is the required format?

Your csv table should include up to 100000 (time,value) pairs with no label data. Time points should be expressed in the ISO standard (e.g. 2001-01-30 13:30) or as a Unix Epoch value (e.g. 1485198592). Data values can be expressed with decimals (e.g. 129.23532). For additional guidance, check out our documentation.

What if I find anomalies in my data?

Next, you will wish to conduct further analysis or take action. If you try out this tool, we’ll give you an extended 30-day trial. You can use your custom Grok environment to leverage integrations to send data to other operations or automation tools.

How secure and private is this tool?

Grok securely and anonymously submits your data for analysis and returns insights to you via a sandboxed environment. No labels are required for your data. Any personal data analyzed with this tool is never shared with other users.